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Label Suisse


Festival of Swiss music

Label Suisse

A festival of free urban popular music in the city of Lausanne. Dedicated entirely to the swiss music scene, Label Suisse provides a brilliant overview of the country's very best sounds. Label Suisse piques people's curiosity and encourages them to discover all types of music. It is a musical gathering, an event that celebrates swiss talent in its countless different forms. The idea behind the 2016 campaign was to unite the many different musical styles presented by the event in a vibrant graphic design.

Design & Realization

The rhombus shape of the Label Suisse was reinterpreted as a symbol for a place where people come together to share. It represents a point of convergence: a meeting place for different musical styles and individuals in Lausanne throughout the festival.



The colored lines crossing the rhombus symbolize dialog and exchange. As regards the various lines and colors, they represent the general public in all its diversity coming together to share a weekend of music. In keeping with the diversity of the artists appearing on the stages at the Label Suisse, each poster is different (motifs, colors).